Behavior Consult: Say Please by Sitting

One of my goals with this blog is to share examples of exam room conversation. Afterall, reading and understanding (in theory) various medical problems and solutions doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to communicate said knowledge to a pet owner. Once again, I emphatically pronounce my disclaimer that, just because I say it doesn’t mean it’s so, and I by no means think I have done the best job possible in presenting information to the client in the following video. Like I’ve said before, this blog is an experiment, and one of my goals is not only to show a “fly-on-the-wall” perspective of this conversation, but I also hope to gain feedback in how I can improve my presentation.

That said, and with a big swallowing gulp of my pride, here’s my “Say Please by Sitting” dicussion:

My explanation of “Say Please by Sitting” – Dog training from Learning Vet on Vimeo.

Note: I should probably include some discussion on why the “Say Please by Sitting” protocol (also known as “Nothing in Life is Free”) is so useful and helpful, but perhaps that’s for another time. Or if you know of a great resource, post it in the comments section below. I really love Dr. Sophia Yin’s website and information, but she’s recently revamped her website and I can’t find any singular discussion on this exact topic.)



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5 responses to “Behavior Consult: Say Please by Sitting

  1. Vogue Vet

    I think you did a great job explaining! I love the “Nothing in Life is Free” method. Perhaps you could explain more that it may be beneficial to have the owners ask for the dog to do different things besides sit all the time, to vary the routine and keep her guessing.

  2. Taryn

    I’m a second year vet student, without a lot of experience in behavior modification and training. I was wondering if you’d mind sharing resources on this method, and the relaxation protocol (I clicked through to see what other videos you’d posted) that you’ve found useful so that I could read up on them some more. Thanks!

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