Behavior Consult: Protocol for Relaxation

Along the same lines as my last post (Say Please by Sitting), and from the same behavior consultation, I thought I’d share my discussion of what the Protocol for Relaxation is, and how it can help anxious dogs. Again, I’m not saying this is the best way to present it, but it’s one fly-on-the-wall perspective of how one veterinarian does it.

The Protocol for Relaxation that I use is adapted from Dr. Karen Overall and her book, Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals.

My explanation of the Protocol for Relaxation – helping dogs with anxiety from Learning Vet on Vimeo.



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2 responses to “Behavior Consult: Protocol for Relaxation

  1. Holly

    I found your blog from a comment you left over at What Comes Next. This post and the previous one make you an outstanding and progressive vet in my book. In fact, unless the vet also is a behaviorist or deals in many behavior problems, most are pretty unaware of RP or how useful it is, and almost none know of Dr. Yin.

    Goodonya Doc!

    • Thanks for stopping over and the kind words! It’s funny hearing you say hardly anyone knows of Dr. Yin–I’m sure you’re right–although it seems like she’s around every corner in my little world! She does an incredible job of promoting her work, in my opinion, and I find her efforts very inspirational.

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