Upcoming AAHA conference

Just a quick post to say how totally excited I am to go to the AAHA conference in Toronto this week!! I am undecided about whether to bring my laptop and try to post while I’m there. I have a feeling I’ll be pretty busy without trying to update this blog, but I’d love to try!

It has admittedly been awhile since I’ve been to an AAHA conference. I think the last one I went to was while I was in vet school, probably in 2001. Yikes, that’s 10 years ago! I seem to “dabble” at various conferences: AVMA, CVC, AAV (one of my favorites), and one time at the NAVC Post-graduate Institute (for behavior). Being the fan that I am of AAHA and promoting high standards for veterinary practice, it only makes sense that I attend it this year! Ok, the fact that our hospital is a finalist for AAHA Practice of the Year is kind of a big deal and might be part of the reason why this is the year I’m going. 🙂 [Insert sounds of sheer excitement!] As I’ve come to realize that this blog is only semi-anonymous, at least as I get my feet wet with this blogging idea, perhaps I’ll share more details about the award itself as those details become available.

Why am I proud to work at an AAHA-accredited practice? Sheesh, why not?? Our entire team is so committed to providing the highest level of care for all our patients. That means a technician is monitoring each and every patient I perform surgery on, we stay current on the latest and most progressive protocols, we ALL attend tons of CE (not just the doctors), our employees are proud to recommend us to their family and friends, and our clients can find comfort in knowing that their pet (and family member) will receive the best care and we’ll take the time to talk to them about any concerns or confusions they may have. It means job satisfaction. It means I love what I do. It means I am so proud of our hospital and our team, and soon we’ll be able to share that with the whole world!!

Naturally, I’m eager to find out if any readers of this blog are also going to the AAHA conference this week. I’ll be arriving Wednesday night. I find out Sunday morning what kind of award we’re getting–but that’s really just minutia. It’s all a huge honor and regardless of whether we’re first, second, third, or honorable mention, we’ll be able to say we’re a nationally recognized hospital, and we’re recognized as an AAHA Practice of the Year finalist!


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  1. Vogue Vet

    Wow, that’s fantastic that your practice is finalist for practice of the year! Hey, I would be proud of my clinic too, if I were in your shoes! I unfortunately won’t be able to make it to the AAHA conference, but I am another firm believer in their excellent policies and an advocate of consistent high quality of care across the board for all hospitals. Enjoy!

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