Do you know what Dog Leggs are?

I decided to try something at the conference–I conducted a video interview (of sorts). I got this idea from a tip I read on (see tip #5). Ok, I didn’t hire a videographer, and I only interviewed two people, but I’m just getting my feet wet.

So I bring you my minimally-edited, difficult-to-hear-due-to-background-noise “interview” of Lisa Fair, a representative for DogLeggs. One of the reasons I chose DogLeggs for one of my only two interviews is because I love how innovative and practical their products are. There are a lot of things they don’t teach you in vet school, and how to treat hygromas and dropped hocks are just two examples of why I love the DogLeggs products. They have a bunch of other products to help a variety of limb-related injuries (and other things) in dogs and cats, but they also accept custom orders for just about anything you can imagine.


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