Exciting news for TLV readers!

Last week, I received a call from Clinican’s Brief asking me to consider blog writing for them! As you could probably tell from my previous post about Clinician’s Brief, you know I’m a huge fan. So needless to say, it was quite exciting to discuss the prospect of providing blogs for them. I’ve put together about 5 posts that I’ll submit to them, to give them an overview of what my posts would be like, and then I’ll find out if they want me to keep writing for them!

It also means my identity will be shared with anyone who cares to know, although I intend to keep this site relatively anonymous for the time-being. My main reason for this has more to do with my reluctance to risk sounding like I’m self-promoting too much. Not that there’s anything wrong with self-promoting oneself, but it so does not come naturally to me and makes me squirmy and uncomfortable.

On that note, I unknowingly signed myself up for a crash course in leadership and personnel management. For reasons I can’t clearly remember, I agreed to coordinate and organize an open house for our hospital. The event takes place this Saturday. If I don’t have a stroke due to the crushing stress I feel, I’ll be sure to write more about this learning experience in a future post. (Note to self: I’d really like to learn how to not care when people aggressively and offensively complain about the job I’m doing, and how to not care about stepping on people’s toes or feelings when telling them what I expect them to do.)



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2 responses to “Exciting news for TLV readers!

  1. Vogue Vet

    Wow, good for you! I say toot your own horn as much as you can without being obnoxious! You’re a great veterinarian and a great writer and you should be proud! Can’t wait to read your articles!

  2. Congratulations. I won’t even mention how jealous I am.

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