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Coming Full Circle

Almost one year since my last post on this blog, I am returning to writing here. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing blogs for Clinician’s Brief (under the heading The Learning Vet), and will continue to do so, but on more of a quarterly basis. So I thought I would reflect on where this experiment started, where it has taken me, and where I hope to go.

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus my posts on experiences or observations that I felt were educational, either to myself or others. I figured my audience would primarily be veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine. Fearing criticism, or perhaps just disdain from those more knowledgeable and experienced than myself, I chose to write anonymously.

But afterall, this blog is about experiences, new and revisited. Not all of the experiences in my career are clinical in nature. In fact, only a relatively small percentage of them are directly related to the medicine I practice on a daily basis. An overwhelming, and exceedingly important, amount of what I do is all the “in between” stuff–communication, social media, finding life balance, etc. As I return to writing my own blog on my own site, I want to use a broader definition of learning–not just what I learned in veterinary medicine, like how to catheterize a female rabbit or how to spay a bearded dragon, but what I’ve learned about transitioning into a corporate setting at work, why I love AAHA, and even what I’ve learned about just writing itself.

Writing for the Clinician’s Brief blog did two things (at least): 1) I realized I could actually get paid money (not a ton of course, but still!) for writing, a previously foreign concept for me; and 2) putting my experiences and thoughts into writing taught me that I highly value the perspective one can gain by reflection–something I hadn’t really appreciated before. And a third thing: it exposed my identity, thus I open myself to adoration and admonishment alike! An uncomfortable feeling, but I’m along for the ride to see where it takes me!



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