Videos related to pain management

When I come across an online resource of veterinary information that I find interesting and think others would find useful, I like to share it here! This week, I came across some videos on Vimeo that demonstrate some important concepts in veterinary pain management. Here they are:

1. From Dr. Rick Wall: m. psoas major examination & treatment – As the veterinarian palpates the affected muscle belly (psoas major), you can clearly see from the dog’s reaction that the area is painful and needs treatment. Two patients are demonstrated in this video, a black dog and a boxer with short haircoat/lean figure. Dry-needling is also demonstrated, both with and without sedation. Be sure to watch the whole thing!

2. From Dr. Rick Wall: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome – This cat is extremely agitated and uncomfortable due to fleas. You can see by the convulsing that his response is far more intense than one would expect in a typical cat. The veterinarian gave him gabapentin, which modifies how the central nervous system perceives the pain signal, and you can see in the video that his agitation is less severe after receiving it.  [I had trouble embedding the video–click this link to see the video on vimeo.]

3. From Dr. Mark Hocking: Canine pelvic quadrant trigger point examination – Helpful narration explains what is being done and you can clearly see the dog’s response where he’s painful.

If you’re interested in learning more about trigger point examination and pain management in general, I highly recommend you join the IVAPM (International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management)–you will learn so much!!

Another resource I found recently (and it’s free!) is the Yahoo! group: triggerpointvet – you must be a veterinary professional to join, as membership/access is limited.

Do you know of other valuable pain management-related resources others might find helpful? Share them in comments below!


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