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Still kicking–sort of

Visitors to this blog might wonder if the author has given up on it. Blog writing takes time and effort, and I confess I have not devoted much of either to this project over the past year. I’m definitely not ready to throw in the towel, however. I believe in TLV and want to keep it alive. But I won’t proclaim grand plans to reinvigorate this blog in 2014, either. I’m taking a “realistic” approach with my commitments. Outside of family, which of course is my highest priority and always will be, I am fully dedicated to helping the practice I joined a little over a year ago flourish. I also want to continue to nurture my relationship with Clinician’s Brief, which has also lasted in its current form just over a year.

Last year at this time, I chose three words to guide me in 2013: Listen. Organize. Energize.

Here’s the truth: I think I failed on all three fronts. I couldn’t even remember what my three words were until I looked at them just moments ago. Part of me thinks perhaps I should not choose three words for next year, but what if that’s the beginning of the end? Does it mean I’m giving up?

Even with a reduction in my total number of commitments (e.g. stepping down as president of the non-profit I started), my kids getting a little older and slightly more independent (my youngest turned 2; she’s still in diapers but hopefully not by the end of 2014), I have felt myself slip into a strange and unfamiliar void. I’m not as excited about things that usually get me energized, such as going to work, making progress/accomplishments at work, organizing things, writing, taking pictures, etc. I usually have so many ideas about the types of things I want to do, I’ve wished for a way to turn them off. Not so now. I still have a good level of energy, and feel pleased and even happy about where I’m at in life, but I don’t feel the same excitement and passion that I used to consider innate qualities. Is it just that I’m getting older? Or am I becoming complacent? I fear complacency, and this comes back to my original point that I don’t want to give up.

If I want to choose three words for 2014, I could do:

  • Don’t give up.
  • Give my best.
  • Keep it going.

These sound a bit defeatist, and while there’s an element of accuracy in terms of how I feel at this time, I’d like to instill a bit more optimism. I think I’ll go with a quote that I see from time to time, and it resonated with me when I saw it recently:

Trust the process.

Ok, 2014: I’m going to keep walking along the path(s) I believe in. Just need to trust myself and the path. And if I do that, I can’t fail.


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